Monday, September 24, 2012

City of Glass

Stan Kenton recorded Robert Graettinger's abstract orchestral work in 1951.

from wikipedia-

...producer Lee Gilllette and Stan Kenton were able to cajole a reluctant Capitol Records management into assembling a 1951 version of the 'Innovations Orchestra' to record. The group's studio time on December 5 and 7 was entirely devoted to Graettinger's music; primarily the four movement City of Glass suite  . This was the rewritten version from the original premirered and Civic Opera House in Chicago in 1947 (the reception of the premiere by public was quite indifferent).  
Bob Graettinger died an untimely dealth to lung cancer in 1957 at the age of 33; he lived a great deal of his personal life enigmatic and as a loner. "I've never had a technique to execute my ideas. I work from the idea, and have acquainted myself with the physical laws of sound. I use a different technique for each idea." He elaborates further, "The way I hear music is a series of constantly changing tensions. What I hear isn't individual melodies or harmonies, but something more like abstract shapes in motion."

Robert Graettinger

presented below is the complete CITY OF GLASS as on the 10" release.
(title says City of Glass 2)


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